Clean power generation

Projects to address this

Bret Victor’s excellent What can a technologist do about climate change? suggests the following software-related projects:

  • Control systems for clean power generation machines
  • Data gathering and modelling to predict optimal placement of wind and solar generators
  • Energy-networking: routing of energy through the grid, especially a future grid that has many fluctuating sources of power

Skills you might want on your team

  • Data science
  • Networking technology
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering

Why this might have exceptional impact

  • Scale: Climate change could have very bad or catastrophic long-term consequences for all people on Earth.
  • Tractability: Novel technology is often required but there are companies already succeeding in this area.
  • Neglectedness: A lot is already spent on climate change, so you’d need to find an unusually neglected sub-problem.

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