This page contains links to all the research that we’ve done since starting the project.

Shallow reviews

One of our research goals is to carve up the global problem space in to important sub-problems that are amenable to technological solutions. For that reason, some of the first material that we are producing is shallow reviews of promising problem areas.


We have used interviews with experts as a tool to learn more about an area. We’ve largely stopped doing this for now.

  • Alex Demarsh from McGill
  • Lucie Klarsfeld from Hystra
  • EyeSeeTea
  • Isaac Slavitt from DrivenData


We’re still trying to work out what we should be doing and how we should be doing it. That means we need to think both about our own strategy and about strategy for technology entrepreneurs themselves.

  • Persistent neglectedness
  • High-level considerations

List of promising tech organizations

We’re gradually coming across a variety of tech organizations that seem plausibly high impact. This is relevant both for founders who might want to learn from them, and for others who might want to consider working for them. We’re keeping a list here.

Notes and works in progress

We are aiming to be as transparent as we can in our research, and so we have made our research notes publically available. Please note that the material in this folder may be old, incomplete, or just plain wrong!

Other resources

We use Zotero for managing our sources, and you can access our shared library here

We have a collection of other useful resources.